Erik Korsvik Østergaard (b. 1973) from Copenhagen, Denmark.
Experienced leader, department manager, project/programme manager.
Master of Science from Technical University of Copenhagen. EBA in cross-cultural project management.

I have worked with leadership, transformations and organizational involvement in 15 years.

I have a burning passion for people and collaboration, based on the paradigm of purpose-driven leadership.

I have specific experience with UNBOSS in practice and has developed several tools to implement it - with good, measurable results.

I profoundly believe, that going to work should be nice, great, and awesome!

 erik kvadratisk


Senior management consultant, trusted advisor, strategist and executer, project/programme manager.
Mentor, advisory board member, speaker, inspirator, motivator.
Guest lecturer at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU)

(+45) 3146 2426
Twitter @ErikQstergaard –