My phased approach to UNBOSS

I have implemented UNBOSS 8-10 times, and here is my phased approach to it.


UNBOSS must be tailor-made to your organisation!


Phase 1: The eye-opener

… where you get ignited by the philosophy and method, and get the emotional experience of “AHA!”. Maybe you get it from the book, from a YouTube video, from attending a public speak.

Now you have to transmit that FEELING to your stakeholders. They do not have to understand every element, detail, and aspect of UNBOSS, but they must feel YOUR enthusiasm and excitement. It must shine on them, and make THEIR eyes open too.

Phase 2: Introduction to UNBOSS

… where we dive into UNBOSS ”by the book”. What are the background? What elements are there?

Why do we talk about purpose all the time, about involvement, mechanisms, communities, and going good?

Why do we talk about mandate, transparency, and engagement? And what effect can it have?

Phase 3: Tooling and cases

… where we address how it can be done, tactically, operationally, and in daily life. We talk about tools and methods, values and culture – and cases, lots and lots of cases.

Phase 4: UNBOSS in your context

… where we translate UNBOSS to your context. What is your purpose? How do YOU define involvement, mechanisms, transparency, values, mandate, micro-management, processes for decisions etc. How do you use the purpose for decisions and prioritisations?

That is, what does UNBOSS look in your version? What parts are important? What does it mean, specifically, for top management, middle management, and frontline? For projects and departments? What kind of daily, week, and monthly rhythm should it be coordinated with?

How should you behave in the new world? What behaviour gives you credit? What should you do less?

Finally, what is leadership in your context?

Phase 5: Implementation

… where we initiate the three tracks:

  • It has to make sense! What is the purpose? How do we make it relevant, locally, so everyone can see that his or her work contributes and makes sense?
  • Create engagement, individually, in teams, and via culture
  • Create effect, via the Strategic Architecture, via investment in projects and activities, by measurement and agile adjustment

Phase 6: Adjustment

… where we adjust and revisit the UNBOSS design, the approach to implementation, and the feedback loops.

Phase 7: Part of daily life.

… where it’s a natural and consistent part of everything we do.

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