Futures Thinker.

Executive coach and Senior management consultant.

Author and speaker. Podcast host.

Erik Korsvik Østergaard (b. 1973) is partner in Bloch&Østergaard, which he founded in 2014. He holds a degree as Master of Science (M.Sc.) from the Technical University of Copenhagen with a thesis in chaos mathematics, and has an EBA in cross-cultural project management.

Erik has worked with leadership, digitization, strategy, change management, and organizational transformation in +15 years, as manager, project manager, and consultant – and has a burning passion for leadership and engagement.

Over the past years Erik has focused on codifying the mechanisms for the future of work, striving to establish a leadership framework that provides the modern organizations and leaders with a coupling between megatrends, theory, and real-life practice. This has led to a line of correlated models for strategy execution, innovation in daily-life, culture, and the networked organization, which has been justified in a long number of situations in both large, international organizations, and in scale-up companies. Combined, this has provided good, measurable results; especially on people analytics.

The four key findings in his work is gathered in his book “The Responsive Leader”, published February 2018 via LID Publishing, and includes three cases of modern organizations. In 2019, his second book on new ways of working is published, called “Teal Dots in an Orange World”, and covers modern design of the organization.

In addition, he acts as a mentor, speaker, podcast host and investor. Privately he is a keen jazz pianist, songwriter, and singer.

Key words for Erik as member as Board of Directors: Strategy, digitization, leadership, organizational design, HR.


In 2018, Erik published “The Responsive Leader“.

In 2019, Erik published the follow-up, “Teal Dots in an Orange World“.

Next book is planned for publication in 2022.