Takehome from UNBOSS Practitioners Copenhagen Meetup 02

(Cross-post from the UNBOSS LinkedIn Group)

Wow, a great evening – and the sushi was yummy 🙂

Focus was sharing cases and experience of implementing UNBOSS, and getting the best learnings out in the open, in order to see if we could come close to a recipe.

Cases, that we shared:

  • A Danish bank
  • A Danish school (highly relevant due to the reformation of the danish school system currently being implemented)
  • A Danish production company (blue collar workers)
  • A Danish public organization
  • A Danish consultancy
  • A European consultancy
  • A Danish energy company
  • and a few others

A recipe (AKA learnings):

  • If there is no reason for doing it, it will fail. Make sure, that the purpose – the WHY – is in place. Who has responsibility for the purpose: The top management.
  • If the top management is not on board, it’s going to either fail or be a local thing.
  • Change of culture and mindset is crucial. Find ambassadors. Make the KPI’s/goals shared, not individual.
  • Create the framework, the purpose, then involve the employees. Let them decide what we invest in (both white and blue collar workers). Nurture the passion.
  • Enable the employees to take responsibility for working smarter; for their own development. (also for kids in the schools).
  • UNBOSS is a leadership discipline; a philosophy; a passion.

That’s it 🙂 See you next time: 18/9-2014



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