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My advisory services cover

  • Leadership Programmes from A to Z, both business case, design, launch, practical implementation, training, and hand-over
  • Organisational transformations and change management
  • Public speaking and inspiration
  • Executive Advisory
  • Mentoring
  • Social business initiatives and engagements, e.g. roll-out of Yammer
  • Advisory Board membership

The WHY? The Purpose?

I strive to build organizations that are fit for the future and for human beings.
I believe in doing well by doing good.
I believe that happy employees create happy customers, thereby creating better financials.
Going to work should be nice, great and awesome!

The HOW? The WHAT?

So, how do we do that?
– By ensuring that everything makes sense – with THE PURPOSE in focus.
– By creating a culture and an environment where focus is on engagement, relationships, happiness at work, and motivation.
– By creating effect through a transparent and involving strategy that leads to concrete, meaningful actions.
– By ensuring that our leadership is inclusive and challenging.

In other words, by focusing on what we are and what we do

My cause is to make it happen – for organisations, for employees, and business partners everywhere – by establishing purpose-driven leadership, collaboration, social business/knowledge management systems, and cultures with happiness at work.

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